Bone Density

Regional Family Medicine offers a wide variety of services in our x-ray department.  One of our services is the Bone Densitometry test.  This test can be performed for men or women who may be at risk of bone loss or density.  Ask your doctor if you may be at risk.

This test can monitor the effects age, diet, or treatments have had on your bone status.  Your doctor may suggest follow-up test to monitor changes over time.

Positioning a patient for scanning Technician watching as scan is being done

Who is recommended to have a bone density scan?

  • Over 65 years of age
  • History of bone fracture
  • Family history of osteoporosis
  • Removal of the ovaries
  • Post menopause
  • Long term use of certain medicines (such as steroids or anticonvulsants)
  • Long term alcohol and tobacco use
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